Thomas Pritchard

Product Designer

I’m Thomas, a Product Designer with a passion for designing and building delightful experiences for real people. I use my skills, developed while working with a multitude of startups and existing companies as a design consultant, to help build new products, and develop existing ones.

I'm currently looking for a position on an exciting and innovating team. Does that sound like your company? Get in touch.

Product Designer at Old St Labs

As designer number two at Old St Labs, I helped refine the look and feel of their premier product, Vizibl, in its infancy. I led efforts to use user data to inform design decisions, using analytics to make choices that helped us optimise product direction and improve engagement.


Product Design Consultant on Venue Intelligence

With an analogue system that was failing event managers, Venue Intelligence saw the potential for a software product that distributed vital event plans and documents to the users on the ground via a mobile application, instead of a ring-binder in a back office.

As a product design consultant with DeveloperTown, I designed an iOS app for event staff, as well as a web-based content management and distribution system for event managers.

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Venue Intel

Product Design Consultant on Brand Amper

Brand Amper is an enterprise brand communication platform that captures employee stories for use in recruiting and marketing.

They came to DeveloperTown looking to design and develop a platform that would enable clients to understand and integrate their employees’ brands into their own recruitment and marketing efforts. They also wanted to measure and report key metrics to those responsible for the company's employee brand in order to demonstrate just how important it is with hiring and retaining employees.

I was responsible for designing a web interface that a Human Resources department would use to configure, manage, and measure the success of the employee-facing tools Brand Amper provide.

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Brand Amper

Other Projects at DeveloperTown

As a design consultant, specialising in user experience, at DeveloperTown, I worked closely with dozens of clients to help them realise their products at their most critical time: ideation and initial design. I performed user research, created personas, task flows, wireframes, and visual designs that scaled from a smartphone to a large desktop monitor.

While working with DeveloperTown, I helped bring over ten products from idea, through design, iteration, marketing, and build, to market.