Thomas Pritchard

Game & Product Designer

I’m Thomas, a game designer and developer at Field Tested. On April 21, 2017 we released Colourise, a virtual reality puzzle game for the SteamVR platform.

In the past I've worked as a product designer at a number of great technology startups, such as DeveloperTown in Indianapolis, and Old St Labs in London.

I also made Podcast Chapters, a macOS application to help podcasters add the complex chapter metadata that their listeners love. It's available in the Mac App Store.

The bottom line is that Chapters is an excellent app that trivializes the effort required to add chapter markers to a podcast.

John Voorhees' Macstories Review

Chapters has a simple purpose and a straightforward interface. [...] For those who need it, the price isn’t an obstacle.

Glenn Fleishmann's Macworld Review

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